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Review Us, and Other Local Businesses to Help Keep Costs Low

Review us.  Like us.  Share us.  Tweet us.  You probably never think about doing those things, but it’s part of how you keep our costs low.  And, this isn’t just about Advanced Mobile Healthcare, this also applies to every local business you deal with.  It is always important to support locally owned businesses.

Marketing comes in many different forms.  In the old days, small businesses primarily depended on three forms of marketing:  word of mouth, the phone book, and location.

Having a solid reputation had always been been important for businesses.  The first step in knowing where to go for anything, including medical services, was your friends and family.  Word of mouth advertising still exists to this day, and we’ll come back to that in a moment.

The phone book was one of the most important resources for finding a businesses in a field at one point.  If you didn’t already have a great recommendation from your aunt down the street, you’d pick up the phone book and start calling around.  Now, the phone book is used for door stops.  With the Internet, we don’t really need a printed index of businesses with small ads in it.

And, of course, location was hugely important.  You were more likely to go to the physician or nurse practitioner in your own town, rather than travel to another town for services.  In larger cities you were more likely to go to a medical office down the street, rather than drive across town.

Over time, though, advertising on television, radio, and local newspapers slowly became the new way of reaching potential customers in any business.  While the medical field lagged behind on advertising for a while, now you can see huge amounts of money being spent on every possible media outlet, including online.  But, the largest portion of that money isn’t being spent by locally owned small companies like Advanced Mobile Healthcare.  Instead, it’s being spent by much larger regional companies like Ascension Health.

And, it’s not just the medical field where the locally owned companies are getting squeezed out of the marketing channels.  Often, you see advertisements for Wal-Mart and McDonald’s compared to locally owned markets and burger shops.  Big companies are able to leverage big money for advertising and marketing budgets.  But, for companies like us, we would have to significantly increase our per-client costs to keep up with that sort of advertising.

Fortunately, there’s ways around that problem.  You can help us and all locally owned businesses with some very simple actions.

Reviews:  When someone searches Google for a service or product, you’ll notice some of them have reviews, some don’t.  Those businesses that have reviews always have an edge when someone chooses which one to click on.  For bigger companies, it’s a lot easier to get reviews.  If one person out of a 1,000 leaves a review, and they deal with 50,000 people a year, that’s a lot of reviews.  And, some businesses pay for reviews to make sure they keep their 5-star rating up.  So, leaving a good or bad review doesn’t feel like it has much impact when there’s already 500 reviews.  But, for small businesses, it makes a huge difference.  Google, for instance, doesn’t typically start showing those stars until after five or six reviews.

Tell People About Us:  Word of mouth isn’t dead.  Telling your friends and family about locally owned business is important, particularly in the age of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Tell people how much you like that awesome burger place, local market, or medical service provider.  And, unlike nationally owned businesses, you know how much small business owners appreciate when someone says good things about them.

Share Us:  All of our articles on Facebook and on our website have a nice little button at the bottom to share it.  Almost every business site has this.  Hitting share only takes a moment, but it tells all of your friends and family following you on social media about our business.

And remember, don’t just do it for us.  Do it for ALL the locally owned businesses that you frequent.  You’re helping the business owner keep costs down, and quite possibly helping to keep them in business!

So, how do you leave us a review on Google?  Simple – just click on!  And, for Facebook, just head over to our Facebook page, and leave us a review there!  We appreciate you taking the moment to to it!

This article is for educational purposes only, and should not be considered medical advice.  Healthcare is an individualized process, and reading an article online should not be your source for healthcare advice - instead, it's intended to help you better understand the process or healthcare, inform about a specific disease, or present the potential for lifestyle changes that may occur with a disease or disorder.  Do no rely on online articles for healthcare - instead, consult your healthcare provider if you feel you may be suffering from symptoms presented in this article, or other symptoms not listed here.

Davis Sickmon is a writer, sometimes college instructor, entrepreneur, and IT professional. More information about Davis can be found at his personal website.

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