Our Story

img_practiceRae Lyn had her own medical office for five years, and for three of those five years Dr. Bumguardner was her collaborating physician. Even though he had his own medical office he would consult by phone and/or in person for difficult cases. He also admitted Rae Lyn’s patients to the hospital, when necessary, and made the hospital rounds on them. This is how our story began so many years ago.

One of Rae Lyn’s patients ended up in the emergency room with exacerbation of congestive heart failure and COPD symptoms. After the ER notified Rae Lyn she called Dr. Bumguardner, who admitted the patient for three days in the hospital. Three weeks later the gentleman was back in the ER. Fortunately, he was treated and sent home on that occasion. Rae Lyn knew that she would have to see him in his home to prevent more ER visits and hospitalizations. The gentleman had not been into the office for over a year, because an office visit was so exhaustive for him. He had tried to stretch his meds by skipping doses and/or cutting them in half until he completely ran out of refills. He continued to ignore his declining health until he had to call the ambulance.

In less than a month another patient had to move in with a friend to help care for her, so Rae Lyn began doing house-calls for her as well. Over the next several months word spread like wild fire, and Rae Lyn was providing medical care similar to her office for seven patients in their homes. For a year she would take one Wednesday out of the office each month to perform house-calls for those homebound patients. During that same year, she also gave birth to her fourth child. All of her other children were already in school, and she had trouble finding dependable daycare. As a result, she decided to close her office to stay at home for awhile to raise her children. One of the home care patients ended up in a nursing home soon after, and Rae Lyn was unable to keep touch with the rest. She knew if she ever started another business, it would be providing medical care in the home (i.e. “house-calls”).

Rae Lyn’s parents retired allowing her to return to school for her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree through Wichita State University (WSU). The DNP program focuses on evidence-based practice to provide quality care with scientific underpinnings. During the program, one of her classes required her to write a five year business plan and enter it in a state-wide business plan competition. After three rounds of eliminations by entrepreneurs and investors as judges, Rae Lyn won first place in the WSU Shocker Business Plan competition out of 68 business plans. The $10,000 prize gave her adequate seed money to start the business that she had dreamed about for over six years. With Dr. Bumguardner as a business partner Advanced Mobile Healthcare is an innovative healthcare delivery model to help keep people independent in their homes rather than institutionalized.