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Changes to the Site, Both Large and Small

You might or might not have noticed a change to the website: the domain name.  We moved from to a week ago, for a number of reasons.

First off, in this day and age of mobile devices, long names are a lot harder to deal with.  Let’s face it, the more you have to type in a website’s name, the more likely you are to fumble it.  Plus, is it “Advance,” or “Advanced”?  Moving to made it shorter, and reduced the potential errors.  Speaking of mobile devices, our old site didn’t play well with Android and iOS devices, but the new one does.

But, the move went further than that.  This gave us a chance to modernize the platform the website runs on, making it more maintainable, safer to run, and in the long run, saves us money.  And, along the way we were able to change some little things you might not notice unless your tech savvy.  The previous site ran on the HTTP protocol, the insecure standard for data transmission on the World Wide Web.  The new site runs as HTTPS, the secure version of the protocol.  That means if you ever send us information through the website, all data sent from your computer to the server is encrypted before it leaves your machine – no one can intercept it.  If you’re running Google Chrome, for instance, you can tell by the little green lock that appears beside the domain name in the URL bar.

You may also notice the site being updated more often.  The Healthcare Insights section gets updated weekly, and we’ve been adding biographies for all of our practitioners.

The change didn’t happen overnight.  In fact, the transition to started last year.  Our email addresses, for instance, have been for a while now.

Why take so long to do it?  So we can get it right, for our patients and prospective patients, and for the company.  Everything from design to content to a plan moving forward has been tweaked to make it right.  Even techie bits like SEO, social media integration, and security were tweaked and double tweaked to make it work the way we wanted it to.

And, we hope you enjoy all the changes, including our continued content updates such as the Healthcare Insights section!

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Davis Sickmon is a writer, sometimes college instructor, entrepreneur, and IT professional. More information about Davis can be found at his personal website.

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