15 Minutes with Bonnie Zepeltal, Chief Operating Office of Advance Mobile Healthcare

Our first interviews were with the practitioners at Advanced Mobile Healthcare, the people you’re most likely to meet as a patient of AMH.  However, healthcare isn’t a solo undertaking, and it takes a team of people to make a healthcare company run smoothly.  Bonnie Zepeltal, Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Advanced Mobile Healthcare is one of those people that helps keep everything rolling.

What does the COO actually do?  In this case it’s:

  • Manages operations and office staff.
  • Resolves operational problems.
  • Enhances operational effectiveness by emphasizing cost containment, high quality patient care, and excellent patient services.
  • Forecasts performance through weekly operational reports prepared for CEO.
  • Enhances operational effectiveness, emphasizing cost containment, high quality patient care and excellent patient care.
  • Assists CEO in developing and maintaining community relations by acting as a liaison
  • Assures high levels of productivity of staff and providers.
  • Manages patient access systems such as scheduling and telephone system process.
  • Provides direction and guidance to office staff in day-to-day operations.
  • Assists in creating policies and procedures and assures compliance.
  • Assists in recruiting, onboarding, orientation, and retention of employees.
  • Interacts with regulatory agencies, payers, and community groups.
  • Maintains compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements.

That is a partial list.  You might imagine someone like that is probably a high energy person, and in Bonnie’s case, you wouldn’t be wrong.  “I love physical activity.  I love to run – I’ve done quite a few races.  I’ve done 2 full marathons, and 16 half marathons, along with running for various benefits around town.  I love water sports such as  wakeboarding.  I love playing sports, along with watching sports.  I particularly like the Dallas Cowboys and K-State.”  You’d have no problem believing that she was a K-State fan if you stepped in her office; at the time of the interview, she was wearing a K-State jersey, and had a K-State branded keyboard and mouse.

Not all of Bonnie’s pursuits are on the physical side of the spectrum, as Bonnie is also an avid reader.  “I love to read biographies.  Steve Jobs and Bobbie Bones are ones I’ve enjoyed.  I love to read about how people became who they are.  It’s fascinating.  I love to read books about dogs.  I know that sounds a little crazy.”  But, even her reading brings her back to her work.  “I like to read things that help me become better at my job.  In the healthcare field, things are changing all the time, and the more I know the better off I am.”

At age 15, Bonnie took the CNA class – the youngest in her class in Kansas, and got her CNA license at 16.  She later moved into other fields of medicine and became a recreational therapist and then an activities director at a skilled nursing facility, then moved on to become a social services designee.   She began to get her associate’s degree in Psychology, but ended up moving away from the field, getting her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Healthcare Administration instead of continuing down the psychology track. “After I took two years in psychology, I decided it wasn’t for me, and switched to something else,” and she focused herself on the business side of medicine.


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Davis Sickmon is a writer, sometimes college instructor, entrepreneur, and IT professional. More information about Davis can be found at his personal website.

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